Key Characteristics of Metabolic Disruptors


The working group met at the Wingspread Conference Center in Racine, Wisconsin on September 9-10, 2022, and was hosted by Martyn Smith (UC Berkeley) and Lauren Zeise (OEHHA, CalEPA). The group is co-chaired by Michele La Merrill and Bruce Blumberg. The group is examining the literature, developing key characteristics (KCs) and preparing a paper for publication.


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La Merrill


Michele AndreaUC Davismlamerrill@ucdavis.eduAcademia
SmithMartyn TUC Berkeleymartynts@berkeley.eduuAcademia
McHaleCliona MUC Berkeleycmchale@berkeley.eduAcademia
HeindelJerryHEEDSjerryheindel@gmail.comNon-governmental organization
AtlasEllaHealth Canada and Uni.; ella.atlas@canada.caGovernment and Academia
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CollierDavid NE. Carolina Uni.collierd@ecu.eduAcademia
GuytonKathrynNational Academy of ScienceKGuyton@nas.eduNon-governmental organization
NadalAngelUMH, Spainnadal@umh.esAcademia
BlumbergBruceUC Irvineblumberg@uci.eduAcademia

Abbreviations: HEEDS, Healthy Environment and Endocrine Disruptor Strategies; OEHHA, Office of Health Hazard Assessment; UC, University of California; UIC, University of Chicago; UMH, Miguel Hernandez University of Elche